Military Veteran's Security Coalition
For Students In Schools, Inc.
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Because of recent events like the Santa Fe Texas, Florida Parkland High and the Columbine school shootings as well as the Texas Governor's roundtable on school safety, the idea of how to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN in school became very clear.

Wayne A. Grant Senior had the idea to form a non-profit security organization after he received a phone call from his daughter who was speaking hysterically because of her school being placed on lock-down because of a bomb threat. As Board members formed for this new organization we thought this venture would be best served utilizing Military Veterans exiting the service, as well as Veterans who are homeless and already out of the service.

I attended several school board meetings and sent letters to many more to present the ideas that we had. We will be glad to visit with your school board to find out if the protection for school children through our organization is a fit for your district.

We want to be the premier force to provide supplemental protection to any existing school resource officers or local law enforcement officers who may already be located at districts throughout Texas. That's why the Military Veterans Security Coalition for Students in Schools was formed.

We will be providing these services at NO COST to any school distrct who feels the need to have us onboard.