Military Veteran's Security Coalition
For Students In Schools, Inc.
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About Us                                      

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) Licensed Security organization (Please see our donation page for more info) that provides trained Security Officers for Public or Private school districts. We need your help with Donations to accomplish this goal. Since we have established our non-profit status we will solicit Grant Funding through the Texas Governor's office for school safety as well as The Texas Veterans Commission to provide salaries and training for the Veterans we hire.


We want to offer school districts an opportunity to have an external UNARMED security force for the safety of our children and faculty who attend any Texas or nationwide school districts.

                                  MEET OUR BOARD                                               

Wayne A. Grant Sr. Director Of Operations
Tomas R. Sanchez Jr. Director of Finance
John Moreno Director of Personnel
Kira Talip-Sanchez Director of Legal Affairs

Wayne A. Grant Sr.


Ode Moreno Vice-President
Imelda Garza Secretary
Angela Rodriguez Treasurer
Marco Villegas Business Banking Advisor
Danny Pena Law Enforcement Liaison
Johnny Campos Jr.

Patrol Operations Manager

                                        MEET OUR VOLUNTEER                                                      

Julie Chancler

School District Liaison Officer